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I invite you every morning to discover along with me the best Feng Shui tips on Venevision, through my TV show The Architect of Dreams. You can also watch them on my web page www.venevision.com, where you will find tutorials to perform healing protection and rituals to achieve the perfect job. Also, I will teach you how to avoid evil eye and consecrate you spirituality.

What is Feng Shui?

The Feng Shui is about understanding the connection that exists between the human being and the energies that are around.

The Feng Shui is the magical connection between the human being and the surrounding energies. It is a millennial art which is aimed to harmonize the energetic forces of your home, business or office so the energies of the earth and sky and the particular energy of every person can attract the prosperity and well-being.

Everything is alive, everything is related and everything transforms are the three basic statements to get connected to this charm.

The real meaning of Feng Shui is “wind and water” and represents the wind going up to the peak of the mountain and the water going up to its summit in a union that leads the aptitudes of the actions of a person looking for the realization. In my eyes, I think that it is like a seagull when flying above the sea. If you observe it, you will notice that it slides softly in the fresh breeze. If it looks down, it sees a big ocean that offers the abundance it wishes. This beautiful harmony is what I consider as Feng Shui.


Feng Shuiconcept

According to my studies, I would say that there are three main concepts for Feng Shui which are:

The flow of the energy

Everything in the Universe is energy. That is why it is important to me as it is the Tao that considers this flow of the energy as the foundation of the existence. It is the invisible unit where everything flows, spreading in vibes to manifest the worlds, the nature feelings, its shapes, substances, colors and cycles.

We are related to the energy. And as the Physics has stated, “the energy is nether created nor destroyed. It is just transforms”. Likewise, we are all constantly transforming. So we should not be unwilling to change but flow with it. This is what Feng Shui teaches us: live


energies The Ying Yang

This second concept is about the duality of the Universe expressed in the Ying/Yang symbol: a light tear and a dark one placed in a circle forming the union of the Tao

The two tears compound the plenitude of the Universe. One tear represents the qualities of the Yin. It means, woman, softness, passivity, nurturing, darkness, flow and the right side of the body. The other tear means the features of the Yang, man, bright, hardness, activity, aggressiveness and the left side of the body. Both of the parts form a whole. Each one contains an element belonging to the other part.

The ideas above explain why it is important to include an analysis Ying/ Yang of the space in rooms, configurations of the field, the light and the shadow, and the humidity and dryness, among others.


The interactions of the five elements of the Universe

This third concept includes the five universal elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each one is related to the rest of them in two ways: a generative or creative connection that provides force or power and a destructive or dominating relationship that denies the power or force. The knowledge of these forces is essential in Feng Shui because if we are in the constructive cycle of the nature, it provides us but if we are not, it can destroy us.

In the constructive cycle each one of the elements generates itself;

The water nourishes the wood, the wood burns producing fire which ashes form the earth and, on the inside, the metal condenses and expels the water from its inner part. 

In the dominating cycle, each of the elements destroys itself:

The water puts out the fire; the fire melts the metal and cuts the wood minimizing the earth which in turns pollutes the water.


The compass school

Two of the most popular forms of this art are the The Compass School and the Shapes School. For many years The Compass School has been considered as the classical practice of Feng Shui by the use of a Chinese compass (Luo Pan) or an occident compass to determine the precise direction of the main entrance of a room, house or office. This is the school that I use when analyzing with Feng Shui.

The eight directions of the compass inside a space are ruled by some aspects of your life. So you have to place colors, animals, numbers and elements of the nature in the areas that must be harmonized and activated. In each coordinate we will work something in particular and start making a journey of your life, in which from the beginning, we define a purpose to reach our success.  Below I will give you briefly the conditions of each area:

North: connection to our mission in life, profession, career, winter season, and colors black and blue, the element water, and the turtle as the animal that rules this coordinate. 

Southwest: relationships, marriage, social groups, summer season, color ochre and yellow and the element earth.

East: life in family, health, nutrition, harmony, prosperity, spring season, color green and its variation, the elements wood and water and  the dragon as the animal that rules this coordinate. 

Southeast: richness, fortune, abundance, spring season turning into summer, color green and the elements wood and water.

Center:  balance, well-being and health, colors ochre and yellow and the element is the earth.  Since it is in the central point it means that it is sacred in the Feng Shui.

Northest: benefactors, connection to the protection, journeys, pleasure, important friendships, protection, colors gray, white, golden and silver, fall season turning into winter and the element is metal.

West: children, creativity, fertility, color white, fall season, the element is metal and the white tiger as the animas that rules this coordinate.

Northeast: knowledge, wisdom, self-development, successful studies, winter season turning into spring, colors ochre and yellow and the element is the earth.

South: fame, fortune, celebration, happiness, good name, transcendence, summer season, colors red and orange and the phoenix as the animal that rules this coordinate.

Chinese horoscope

What it is?

According to the lunar Chinese calendar, the seventy years that compound a century are divided into twelve years that are represented by an animal that determines someone’s personality.

How it is calculated?

In order to know what Chinese animal corresponds to you, you have to look for the table of the star signs and you will see that they are divided by year of birth.

Know yourchinese horoscope

Enter your birth date






Entre la 1:00 AM y las 3:00 AM


Norte y Noreste


Calmado, paciente, pacifico, se rige por la necesidad de estabilidad en todos los aspectos. Le es difícil adaptarse a los cambios, es convencional y tradicional, por lo que respeta los valores de la estabilidad. Su naturaleza es tranquila. Siempre tiene disponibilidad y temperamento profundo. Cuando se enoja es violento y agresivo. Disfruta los aspectos materiales de la vida y puede realizar el trabajo mas pesado con tal de obtener comodidades y lujos.


Gallo y serpiente




Cabra y Caballo.

Calculate your your KUA number


Enter your birth date






Se sienten cómodos en el dominio del Fuego. Altamente vivaces, impulsivos y variantes. Igual a la vivencia de la llama los nacidos bajo este número pueden variar sus estados de ánimo desde la euforia a la desepción. Viven en los extremos de la luz y de la oscuridad; aunque con el paso del tiempo llegan a equilibrar su instinto cambiante.

Los aspectos positivos de esta fuerza: 
les permite ser poderosamente creativos, guías honorables,  emprendedores y visionarios.

Los aspectos negativos de esta fuerza producen:
que se consuman por el excivo fuego de su carácter. Orgullosos inflexibles, indomables e incontrolables.

poseen absluta comodida en la oratoria, en las competencias, en la creatividad y en liderazgo por tanto pueden ser abogados, comunicadores sociales, artistas y vendedores.


Direcciones favorables

Sheng Chi

Orientación del Éxito


Tien yi

de la Salud


Nien yen

del Amor


Fu Wei

del Crecimiento personal


Direcciones desfavorables

Ho hai

de la mala suerte


Wo Kwei

de los cinco fantasmas


Lui Sha

de las seis muertes


Chueh Ming

de la perdida total



The compassion mantra

To the occidental people, The Compassion Mantra is also known as OM MA NI PAD ME HUM. It is like a sacred prayer that revives the essence of Buddha’s compassion for all the human-beings. Each one of its six syllables has a specific virtue capable of provoking the transformation of different aspects of someone.

The six syllables OM MA NI PAD ME HUM purify absolutely all the negative emotions such as pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance, avarice and anger by removing the suffering in each one of them. It is believed that the mantra is a powerful protection against all kinds of negative influences and sicknesses.

The added of the I are purified by reciting this mantra and it also heals the heart, the illuminated mind, the paramitas that can be translated as perfectionism or virtue, generosity, harmonized behavior, patience, enthusiasm, concentration and wisdom. 

The syllable HRIH is often added to the mantra. The seed syllable of Avalokiteshavara means the essence of the compassion of all of the Buddhas. It is a catalyze that actives the compassion of the Buddhas so that they can transform our negative emotions into a nature of wisdom. Then, it turns into OM MA NI PAD ME HUM HRIH.   

Meditative practice of the mantra

First you have to perform a reverence with your hands placed in your heart to the Buddhas in the four directions in a discrete way and with great respect. You have to sit down with the rosary Japa Mala of 108 beads in the right hand. You have to keep a comfortable posture in which you have your column straight.

Relax your body and keep your eyes open but not staring at a specific place. You have to look at the ground, approximately a meter ahead you.

1st step:

Perform the following invocation in your mind in order to motivate the meditation and your life to the illumination of all of the human-beings:

“For the power and the truth of this practice, may all of human-beings have happiness and what causes it. May all of human-beings be free from shame and what causes it and may they never get apart from the sacred happiness where there is no suffering. May all live in equanimity, without excess of attachment or hatred and live believing in the equality of everything that has life”

If you want to meditate, you can listen to these two mantras:


-Mantra Buddha of medicine

2nd step:

Visualize the consciousness of all the Buddhas of compassion as a powerful light in front of you. Pronounce the monosyllable OM visualizing the light that comes out from the Buddha like a white light ray that fills all your body and transmits the illuminated essence that purifies all your channels blessing you and eradicating the negative karma that has been accumulated in your body for having acted wrongly.

Continue with the following syllables MA NI PAD ME, visualize that the other light coming from the Buddhas now is red and goes to the center of the energy of the throat and fills your body transmitting the illuminated speech of all the Buddhas and cleaning the negative karma that has been generated for having spoken wrongly.

Finish the mantra with the syllable HUM , now visualize a blue light ray like the lapis lazuli that comes out from the Buddhas and goes directly to your heart and invades all your body. 

Let the blessing of the illuminated mind of all the Buddhas fill you, cleaning the karma accumulated through your thoughts, opening creative energy to you coming from them. Pass the first bead of the rosary and repeat until you have completed the 108 beads.

3rd step:

Dissolve all your body that is light in the light of the Buddhas and they make you one with the original nature of their mind. Recognize that this nature is comparable with the infinitive sky, with no stains or blemish. Feel your mind as the true dwell you have never left. Rest in deep peace keeping in mind this knowledge all the time you want and feel comfortable with.

Take advantage of this experience. After some minutes you will feel that you transmit to all the conscience humans the good fortune and the benefits of this meditation coming back to your ordinary conscience but without losing the certainty that you are part of a whole. 

Walk with that great immensity that covers everything. You have to know that the limitations of our thoughts are the ones that make us feel alone or apart from that knowledge. Keep that attitude the rest of the day. Remember in every step, at every moment that you are a part of a whole.

This practice will let you reach the illuminated conscience in a few years of life, after having gone through great ignorance cycles.