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Alfonso León

Arquitecto de Sueños

Alfonso León, best known as the Architect of Dreams, is actually a Cum Laude graduate from the Faculty of Architecture at Santo Tomás de Aquino University, Colombia. Since he was a child, he demonstrated to have great mystic gifts when showing interest and vocation towards the Astrology, Feng Shui, Coaching, Family Constellations, different healings therapies and other ancient arts that he has been learning and mastering from many of the best teachers in the world.

Nowadays, Alfonso León stands out as an extraordinary coach and international lecturer spreading his knowledge to thousands of people in the world through his Feng Shui lectures and Coaching workshops. He also has been devoted to helping through his amazing counsels as Feng Shui Master in which he designs and activates the prosperity in his clients’ spaces who look for him from all the continents so he can help them to reach the balance in their homes, business and places by combining good taste and design with the energetic points on the planet. Alfonso León also performs individual inquiries named “Construye tu sueño, hazlo realidad” (“Build your dream, make it happen”). His task is to reconnect the design of his clients’ lives through different sessions where people heal their wounds, close their past cycles, see new cosmic signs, and break free by being grateful to their wonderful mission in order they can active themselves from love and can live with no worries this beautiful present. 

Moreover, León is an editor of the magazine Alfonso León, Architect of Dreams that has more than 50 issues and through his editorial he is the author of bestsellers about Feng Shui and Coaching, such as Construye tu sueño. Hazlo Realidad (Build your dream. Make it happen), Feng Shui Amor (Feng Shui Love); Feng Shui Riqueza (Feng Shui Wealth) and Decora tus espacios con Feng Shui (Decorate your spaces with Feng Shui) and La luz del Feng Shui (The Light of Feng Shui). Alfonso León is also an international astrology and Feng Shui columnist in magazines such as: TV y Novelas from Mexico, and Estampas for El Universa, one newspaper from Venezuela. And he also makes agendas and astrological calendars for all his great audience.

Alfonso has been a producer and TV host for more than 15 years. His TV show, Alfonso León, The Architect of Dreams has reach amazing levels of rating in Latin America, getting the first place of his genre. The show appears on channels such as Venevisión from Venezuela, Cadena Tres from Mexico as well as Venevisión Plus, VemasTV, VePlusTV and Glitz for all Latin America.

Alfonso León’s background and invitations to interviews with the mass media in Latin America have let him spread his message of healing, love and prosperity as well as all his success. León has been awarded in Latin-America in important awards such as El Mara de Oro 2014 in Venezuela, and the most important is the famous Paseo de la Luminarias de Galerias Plaza las Estrellas in Mexico where in stamped his hands prints in bronze. He was recently awarded as the best Spanish- speaker Astrologist and Feng Shui teacher.

Alfonso León is a passionate traveler and he shares with his followers the moral and sacred symbology that he finds in every single place he visits. His main objective is to make that every person can discover his/her mission in life by himself/herself and also help them find their integral well-being and active the prosperity.

Through his knowledge, Alfonso León has gained a room in people’s heart. He is a great spiritual coach who conquers a large number of followers every day through his social networks, lectures, and publications. His lessons make him a great teacher and the inspiration to reach the success, happiness, and prosperity in this material world.